About cooperation

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Cooperation with us is very simple but effective:

We understand how important it is to have good but, most importantly, real and comprehensive reviews for the products manufactured or sold by your company.

Our team of members and independent testers will put to test your product samples and after summarising the obtained results, will provide a constructive review in a form of article with references.

Our IT team will develop an interactive multi-layer map with your points of sales in all the countries your products can be bought.
The Marketing and Design Department will ensure top quality digital content and promotion materials for your products!

How to start a cooperation?

Everything is very easy!

You can start by filling the contact application and we will contact you as soon as possible!

The easiest and fastest way to already have a full offer with prices and strategy plan is to fill out the new client form here:


You can safely send samples of your products to our office:


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E-mail: info@vapebaltic.com