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Answers to Your Most Perplexing Vaping Questions

You probably have a lot of questions whether you’re thinking about trying vaping or if you’re just getting started. Here are some of the most common questions users ask, along with their responses.

How do electronic cigarettes operate?

Your e-cigarette is made up of three primary parts:

  • Battery;
  • Clearomizer or the tank (the part that holds your e-juice; typically a glass or plastic vial containing a wick and a coil that heats up);
  • Any e-liquid you choose.

The coil (found inside the tank) is wrapped around a piece of cotton or a wick that is saturated with vape juice, and when you turn on your e-cigarette, the battery sends a current through it. Similar to smoking a typical cigarette, this heating action allows the juice to evaporate and turn into vapor, which you inhale and exhale. However, there are some important differences, such as a more pleasant aroma and the opportunity to get your nicotine fix almost whenever and wherever you desire.

Is it acceptable to vape inside?

In many places the ban on smoking in public places does not apply to e-cigs because vaping does not involve combustion. Building owners may still choose to permit vaping or not on their land, though. As a result, you will find some locations that allow vaping and others that do not, so it’s always a good idea to verify the rules of the place you’re visiting. Similar advice applies to flying: before attempting to carry your vaping materials on the plane, make sure to check with the airline.

How can I pick the best vaporizer for me?

It’s simple to purchase a vaporizer online, but sometimes it’s not that simple to choose which one. Complex vape mods should usually be avoided if you’re just getting started because they can be a little intimidating for a novice user. A starter kit, like the KIWI Starter Kit, is a smart option to test out. Everything you need to start enjoying your vape is included in this package. Consider a disposable item for something much easier.

Can quitting smoking and switching to vaping save me money?

People switch from smoking to vaping for an assortment of reasons: they don’t like the smell that smoking leaves on their clothes, they want the freedom of being able to vape more places than they can smoke, or they are concerned about the health risks of smoking and believe vaping to be a better alternative, to name a few. Another motive for switching is the desire to save money, which is something you can achieve without a doubt. Of course, depending on the device you use, how much e-juice you consume, and how much the cigarettes you regularly smoke cost, the amount you save varies greatly from person to person. While most vapers discover that they spend considerably less on vaping over time than they did on tobacco products, there is often some initial investment required.

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