Review of Vaping and Alternative Nicotine Product Bloggers

The vaping and alternative nicotine product industry is booming, and with it, a vibrant community of influencers, bloggers, and content creators who share their insights, reviews, and experiences. These personalities play a crucial role in shaping consumer opinions and providing guidance on the latest trends and products. Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced enthusiast, these bloggers offer valuable content across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Popular Vaping and Alternative Nicotine Product Bloggers

1. Suck My Mod (Matt and V)

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • YouTube: Suck My Mod
  • Instagram: @suckmymod
  • Facebook: Suck My Mod
  • Overview: Matt and his wife V are well-known figures in the vaping community, providing comprehensive reviews on mods, tanks, and various vaping products. Their YouTube channel is particularly popular, boasting over 350,000 subscribers. They focus on in-depth reviews and have a knack for explaining complex devices in an accessible way.

2. Vaping Bogan

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • YouTube: Vaping Bogan
  • Instagram: @thevapingbogan
  • Facebook: Vaping Bogan
  • Overview: Known for his raw and entertaining approach, Vaping Bogan from Australia combines humor with honest reviews of vaping products. His YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers and is particularly popular for its no-nonsense take on the latest in vaping technology.

3. Rip Trippers

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram
  • YouTube: Rip Trippers
  • Instagram: @riptrippers
  • Overview: Rip Trippers is one of the most recognizable names in vaping. His energetic and often quirky reviews have garnered him a massive following, with over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. He covers a wide range of products, from e-liquids to hardware, and offers tips and tricks for vapers.

4. GrimmGreen (Nick Green)

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok
  • YouTube: GrimmGreen
  • Instagram: @grimmgreen
  • Facebook: GrimmGreen
  • TikTok: @grimmgreen
  • Overview: A veteran in the vaping scene, Nick Green (GrimmGreen) has been reviewing vaping products since 2009. His content spans across various platforms, with a strong presence on YouTube and Instagram. Nick’s in-depth reviews and engaging personality have earned him a loyal following.

5. Zophie Vapes

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram
  • YouTube: Zophie Vapes
  • Instagram: @zophievapes
  • Overview: Zophie Vapes is a prominent female voice in the vaping community, known for her detailed reviews and unboxings. Her YouTube channel offers a mix of product reviews and lifestyle content, appealing to a broad audience.

6. Mike Vapes

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • YouTube: Mike Vapes
  • Instagram: @mikevapes1
  • Facebook: Mike Vapes
  • Overview: Mike Vapes offers comprehensive reviews of vaping hardware and e-liquids. His straightforward style and technical insights make his content valuable for both novice and experienced vapers. His YouTube channel is a go-to resource for in-depth product reviews.

7. IndoorSmokers

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • YouTube: IndoorSmokers
  • Instagram: @indoorsmokers
  • Facebook: IndoorSmokers
  • Overview: IndoorSmokers is known for his approachable and humorous take on vaping products. His YouTube channel covers a wide range of products, from beginner kits to advanced mods, with a light-hearted and engaging style.

Influencers in Alternative Nicotine Products

1. Puff Bars Official

  • Platforms: TikTok, Instagram
  • TikTok: @puffbars
  • Instagram: @puffbars
  • Overview: As a brand-specific influencer, Puff Bars Official focuses on their range of disposable nicotine devices. They share content highlighting new flavors, user experiences, and promotional campaigns, with a strong presence on TikTok and Instagram.

2. Snus Central

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • YouTube: Snus Central
  • Instagram: @snuscentral
  • Facebook: Snus Central
  • Overview: Specializing in snus (a smokeless tobacco product popular in Scandinavia), Snus Central offers detailed reviews and news about various snus brands. They cater to users looking for alternative nicotine options beyond traditional vaping and smoking.

3. ZYN Nicotine Pouches

  • Platforms: Instagram, Facebook
  • Instagram: @zynnicotinepouches
  • Facebook: ZYN Nicotine Pouches
  • Overview: ZYN focuses on tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Their social media channels provide information on usage, flavors, and promotions. ZYN is a popular choice for those seeking a discreet and smoke-free nicotine experience.

4. Moist Snuff Reviews

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • YouTube: Moist Snuff Reviews
  • Instagram: @moistsnuffreviews
  • Facebook: Moist Snuff Reviews
  • Overview: Focusing on moist snuff and dip, this channel provides reviews and insights into various brands and flavors. It’s a niche segment, but their detailed content is valuable for users interested in these products.

Social Media Presence and Trends

Vaping and alternative nicotine bloggers utilize multiple social media platforms to reach their audience. Here’s a breakdown of their presence:

  • YouTube: The go-to platform for detailed reviews and tutorials. Vloggers like Rip Trippers and Vaping Bogan excel here with their in-depth content and engaging presentation styles.
  • Instagram: Ideal for quick updates, product shots, and lifestyle content. Influencers like Zophie Vapes and Puff Bars Official leverage Instagram’s visual appeal to showcase new products and flavors.
  • TikTok: Emerging as a popular platform for short, engaging content. Influencers like Puff Bars Official and GrimmGreen use TikTok for quick reviews, trends, and promotional content.
  • Facebook: Used for community building and sharing detailed posts and discussions. Many influencers maintain active Facebook pages for broader engagement with their audience.


The landscape of vaping and alternative nicotine products is rich with influencers who cater to various preferences and interests. From detailed product reviews to engaging social media content, these bloggers and content creators provide invaluable resources for both new and seasoned users. By following these personalities across their platforms, users can stay updated on the latest products, trends, and insights in the ever-evolving world of nicotine alternatives.

Whether you’re looking for in-depth reviews, quick tips, or just a bit of vaping entertainment, there’s a blogger or influencer out there ready to meet your needs.

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