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Hello Friends!

Today is THE day when I have accumulated a lot of experience and I want to share with you my experience using products from specific manufacturers. I will tell you and show you everything I have encountered!

I have been using the KIWI Vapour KIWI Starter Kit for the past two years. This is not the first kit I have used, so I can say that I really like the design and the advantages of the included power bank. However, I must emphasize that the VAPE PEN itself stopped working after more than 6 months, specifically, it cannot be charged anymore. The power bank also experienced the same issue after about 1 year of use. Another downside is that the refill pod tends to leak, especially in hot weather. On the positive side, I must mention the cotton filters, which collect excess condensation and provide good flavor transfer from e-liquids.


Well, the time for truth has come from my side! I will be as honest as ever! 😄
IVG Salt e-liquid – the smell and taste are great, but in terms of chemical composition, it’s complete garbage. I had to learn how to make my own e-liquid because after 24 hours in my vape pod, the liquid turned into black oil, and the pod had to be thrown away. It also lost all its flavor properties. The same can be said about Crystal Clear Bar e-liquids – complete rubbish. It’s not okay for me… to change pods every day.


This time, I will raise the bar and recommend POD SALT NEXUS e-liquids, which undoubtedly taste very good and the pods last for weeks. Of course, it is not recommended to mix flavors because it will create a taste mess and it won’t be clear what each flavor tastes like. But definitely, I can recommend them as some of the best!

I also have good words for Whoop Premium Salt. The flavor could be stronger, but overall, it’s very good and doesn’t burn or damage the pod.

Of course, these are just my thoughts and experiences. Everyone has their own preferences!

But this is definitely not the last article, just the first one that will help users make the right choice and avoid disappointment in their purchases, saving money by not buying junk.

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